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Go see the Whisky Doctor.


David Reid, Ph.D., a.k.a. the Whisky Doctor, is an Emeritus Associate Professor of Marketing at Bowling Green State University and a former Professor of Sales at The University of Toledo.  Although, Dr. Reid’s Ph.D. is in marketing, he has spent a considerable amount of time “researching and studying” whiskies and cigars and sharing his “findings” and passion for them with others. 


David is the founder of the Black Swamp Single Malt Society.  He has also conducted numerous tastings and presentations on whiskies and cigars for various companies and organizations including Flick’s Package Liquors in Michigan, Key Bank of Toledo, the Toledo Club, AASR Knights of St. Andrews, pharmaceutical firms, and professional associations. 


David lives in Perrysburg with his wife, his daughter’s dog, and his whisky and cigar collection.

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