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The Cigarden

We're starting our gardening early this year, with the installation of outdoor heaters in the Cigarden. As the spring thaw comes along (at too slow a pace, as always), you won't rely on just your favorite cigar to keep you warm on our back deck.

Installing heaters in The Cigarden

Store manager Don Delancey installs one of our new Cigarden heaters.


This man won't be alone for long.


An oasis for the cigar lover

The ideal backyard patio. A place where cigar lovers can enjoy the fresh air, warm weather, and a fantastic cigar all at the same time. 

And even if things aren't quite as nice outside as we might like, our brand-new space heaters will make up the difference. 

The Cigarden is a great hang, and a great stop-by, when you're enjoying an evening or afternoon in Uptown. 


How about some music with that cigar?

Summer '21 could really use some tunes.

Keep an eye on our calendar for Songs In The Cigarden.

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