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A safe place to shop and relax.


Please wear your face mask when browsing the store and checking out.

More than anything, we want all of our customers to be healthy. The Cigar Affair conducts business with respect for state and CDC advisories for businesses of our kind in this time.


You probably know the drill by now, but here it is:


  • We welcome and encourage our customers to use PPE (mask, gloves) and our employees will be suited up to help keep you safe.


  • When visiting The Cigar Affair, please do your best to maintain 6 feet of social distance between yourself and others at all times.

  • Our employees will be regularly wiping down the store. We may ask you to wait at the door until another wipe-down is complete.

  • Every purchase is a fun little dance. Bring your purchase to the counter for check-out, then relax at a safe distance. The cashier will ring you up, and you can approach again to pay as our employee backs away… Back and forth until you have what you need.

  • Yes, you can browse, please do. Access to the humidor may be limited from time to time, to avoid a gathering in a tight spot.

  • Our lounge functions as close to normal as can be these days. No one can enjoy a great cigar through a face mask, so you may remove the mask when seated and smoking.

  • And you don’t have to come into the store at all. Call ahead and pay by phone if you’d like and we can meet you at the door or your car with the product you requested.


Our standards for a healthy store may change as we go along. Cigar Affair employees will advise you as you enter the store.

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